Innocent -Part One
(yes, this is a gang!luke. Remember that it’s fictional!!)

"Jess!" I snapped my head back to the front of the room where my english teacher, Mrs. Harris, was fuming.

"Yes, Mrs. H?" I groaned, blinking the sleepiness out of my eyes a few times.

"Detention for sleeping in my class!" She snapped, "And don’t dawdle in the hallways like usual. I want to be out of here by four this time."

"Four?!" I gasped, clutching at my desk hard enough to make my knuckles turn white.

School got out at 1, which meant that I had three hours of detention to do.

"Stop disrupting the class!" Mrs. Harris turned back to the whiteboard after she gave me a sharp look.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair, pulling my phone out onto my lap inbetween. My brother, Michael, said he was going to pick me up from school today. He was only older by a year but he acted like he needed to protect me from everything. Although, recently he had been coming home late and sometimes I’ve had to clean wounds off of him and his mates.

I sent a text to Michael telling him to pick me up at four instead, but I never got a response.

Before I knew it, school was over and I was trudging back to Mrs. H’s room with my best friend Savannah.

"She loves to give you detentions, doesn’t she?" Savannah sighed and flipped her dark hair over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess. I think she thinks that I’m just some hardass kid that doesn’t care," I shrugged and halted at the door, "But I just dont care about her class.”

"True," Savannah grinned at me, "I’ve got to get going. Jacob asked me to go to his place!" Jacob was Savannah’s boyfriend of a few months and she was absolutely head over heels in love with him.

"Have fun," I said blandly, shoving the door open. No one else was there, which wasn’t strange.

"About time!" Harris barked from her desk, "Sit down at your desk. I want you to write that essay that you didn’t turn in today."

"That was due today?" I groaned as I pulled out the papers and a pencil.

"No. But it was for you," Mrs. Harris was evil. It’s official.

I spent the next three hours incredibly frustrated at this piece of paper on my desk. After countless drafts and ideas, I finally managed to scrape out the essay and land it on her desk just as she croaked, “Time is up!”

"That was lovely," I smiled sweetly at Mrs. Harris, "But, it’s four now, so I’ll just be going."

"Excuse me, you’re not going anywhere until I dismiss you!" Mrs. H yelled at me as I shoved past her.

I pushed her door open and flew down the hallways and out the front doors. I scanned around for Michael’s car, but it was nowhere to be seen.

I tried to call him but it just went straight to voicemail.

"Of course," I groaned to myself, kicking rocks around the parking lot.

After about 20 minutes of waiting for him, it was clear I was going to have to walk the few miles home.

I had only been walking about five minutes when a dark car slowed beside me on the road.

I started almost jogging to get past the car, but it just matched my pace.

Soon enough, a dark-tinted window rolled down and I could see Savannah’s boyfriend in the driver’s seat and a football jock named Will in the other seat.

"Hey!" Jacob called, waving his hand at me, "You’re Jess, right? Savannah’s friend?"

"Yep," I popped the p and stepped closer to the car.

"Oh, okay, cool," Jacob nodded for a second, "Do you need a ride? I could take you home…"

"No," I backed up onto the sidewalk again. I didn’t trust Jacob and this Will character. "I’m, okay, thanks."

"Uh, if you say so," Jacob shrugged and drove off, the window rolling up all the while.

I bet he was one of those boyfriends that hangs around with his friends and ditches his girlfriend for them all the time. One of those guys that tries to pick up his girlfriend’s best friend and hook up with them or something.

I dialed Savannah’s number and focused on my footsteps while I waited for her to pick up.

"How was Harris?" Savannah got straight to the point.

"Usual. Anyways, Sav, your boyfriend just tried to pick me up," I listened to her breathing on the other end.

"He-He what? Was he with that Will guy?" Savannah asked and I told her yes.

"Oh, well, I’m sure he just wanted to give you a ride." She hung up and I sighed, continuing on my lonely walk home.

15 minutes later my phone vibrated in my pocket and I stopped to look at it. I could hear the sound of a car approaching.

It was a text from Michael, so I opened it, expecting some lame apology.

Instead, there in capital letters, was the word RUN.

I stuffed my phone in my pocket and looked behind me at the car that was about to zoom by. It was Jacob’s car.

"Shit!" I started running towards a tree so I could duck behind it, but the sound of tired squealing and another car coming made me look again.

Michael’s car was at the end of the street now, but it had a new scratch on the side of it.

Then, I halted for only a second as I watched Jacob lean out of his window, gun in hand.

"No!" I yelled as he pointed it at me, and I dove to the ground just as I heard the fire.

The next thing I felt was the ground and a sharp, burning sensation in my left side near my hip bone.

I cried out in pain as I dragged myself behind the tree at last.

When I looked down, I wasn’t prepared for it. All I could focus on was the hole straight through my shirt. The dark fabric was wet and I lifted it up, staring straight at the wound in my side oozing out blood.

I let out another cry as I pressed my hands to my side, tears blurring my vision.


"Jessica, no!" I felt hands on me and I looked up, seeing that it was Luke who had come to my rescue.

"We need to get you to the hospital," Luke scooped me up easily and I whimpered, my vision dimming.

It was only Luke there. Not Michael.

"Michael’s back at your house, Jess, listen to me, he didn’t know you would be walking," Luke was trying to get me to focus on him so I would stay awake.

"I told him to tell you to run," Luke laid me down in the back and ran around to the front.

"Thank you," I whispered as everything swirled and went black.

(I really dont know how to do headers for these things Im sorry! But feedback is appreciated all the same)

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